Welcome to the PTA! Our volunteer-run organization builds community to support students by focusing on the five priority areas below.

Family-School Engagement

Opportunities to participate and invest in a welcoming school culture.

Children’s Well-Being

Supporting children’s health to they can be successful learners.

Community Betterment

Collaboration with community agencies that work to improve children’s lives.

Promoting Parent Education

Information, strategies and tools for families to support students’ growth and development.

Supporting Education

Enrichment programs that enhance students’ world-class education.

Our programs are only possible with your support! Thank you for your financial commitment and volunteer time.

We are part of the California State PTA, whose mission is to have a positive impact on the lives of all children and families by representing their members and supporting skills in advocacy, leadership, and communication. Our National PTA motto is Every Child, One Voice; it supports the physical, mental, social, and spiritual education of all children.


Last updated: 06/08/18