Please submit reimbursement requests within 3 weeks after completion of a program/event to the Financial Secretary.  If additional time is needed, please notify our Treasurer.  


Reimbursement requests must include the Reimbursement Form and be accompanied by receipts showing payment.  Please make a copy of your reimbursement request for your records before submission.  


Return reimbursement requests to the PTA Treasurer’s mailbox in the La Entrada School office.  Please consider emailing our Treasurer, Elizabeth Radford, at to let her know your request is awaiting pickup.  


Reimbursements will be made as quickly as possible.  Checks require 2 signatures of designated Board members and some expenses may require Board review at a monthly meeting prior to issuance.  


Please notify your committee members when planning for your program/event begins as well as immediately following your program/event of these reimbursement process.  


For 8th Grade Graduation, please contact the Treasurer to coordinate timely turnaround of reimbursements.  The end of the school year and closing of the PTA fiscal year will require a shorter submission and turnaround of reimbursements.



Can be requested by submitting a  Request for Advancement Form.


Working with Outside Vendors:

When planning an event that uses an outside vendor, all contracts must be signed by the PTA President and another Board officer with approval of the membership.  


In addition, California State PTA insurance does not cover vendors/concessionaires/service providers. Consequently, all vendors/concessionaires/service providers are required to provide Evidence of Insurance to each PTA, unless annual Evidence of Insurance has been filed with the California State PTA Insurance Broker.


The vendor will be required to sign a  Hold Harmless Form.