In September 2017, the La Entrada PTA Executive Board established the following policy to guide its on-going communications efforts and activities, including its website, Leopard’s Spot newsletter, and social media.

Before any new communications tool is implemented, the PTA Executive Board and Communications Chair will analyze it to determine:

  • Its compatibility with the La Entrada PTA’s communications goals
  • The PTA’s ability to comply with the platform’s Terms and Agreements, and
  • The ability to reach the targeted audience

Once any new platform has been selected and approved for implementation, its use should conform to the following policy.

La Entrada PTA Communications Policy

La Entrada PTA will employ various forms of media to communicate with the La Entrada community and keep it informed of and involved with our programs and events. La Entrada PTA is committed to supporting honest, transparent, and knowledgeable dialogue and maintaining high standards of respect and courtesy. California State PTA’s nonpartisan, noncommercial, and nonsectarian policies are followed and copyright laws are observed in all La Entrada PTA communications.

Current main forms of communications include

  • La Entrada website
  • The Leopard’s Spot e-newsletter
  • Printed material, such as flyers

E-newsletter unsubscribe option is provided and all requests to unsubscribe are honored.

Communications Goals

  • To encourage membership in the La Entrada PTA
  • To actively engage the La Entrada community through various communications channels
  • To inform the La Entrada community about news, programs, events, and activities
  • To share information affecting the school or the educational environment
  • To encourage and solicit volunteer participation in the La Entrada PTA
  • To encourage and solicit attendance at the La Entrada programs and events
  • To encourage support and assistance for La Entrada faculty and staff
  • To encourage participation in fundraisers, programs, recognition events, and other events or activities
  • To be a resource for local and state advocacy

How La Entrada communications channels are used:

  • To recognize achievements or accomplishments of the La Entrada PTA members or La Entrada faculty or staff
  • To highlight events and programs that are of particular interest to the La Entrada community – and fall under the classification of a state/city/county program or established non-profit group.
  • To share information that can be useful for the La Entrada community, such as recent studies
  • To recognize La Entrada PTA partners, sponsors, and supporters when appropriate, and
  • Other goals as approved by the La Entrada PTA President and/or Principal

Communications Responsibilities

This communications policy applies to all La Entrada PTA communications. PTA President and VP of Communications are responsible for implementing this policy. The La Entrada PTA is a volunteer driven organization and multiple people participate in creating the content. All volunteers creating content for La Entrada PTA communications channels are responsible for familiarizing themselves and following this policy.

Official communications must be cleared with the PTA president and/or school principal before printing, publishing or posting. The principal is responsible for the accuracy of school information and compliance with the State Education Code and school district policy. The PTA president is responsible for the accuracy of PTA information and compliance with PTA policies.

The La Entrada communications channels may be maintained by the following Board positions in accordance with the goal and objectives stated in this policy:

  • President
  • VP of Communications
  • Other Board and Non-Board Members may be added as “editors” at the discretion of the VP of Communications and Board President.

All content published by the La Entrada PTA is in accordance with National PTA communications policies and guidelines (

Prohibited Uses

The following uses are prohibited on any La Entrada PTA communications outlet:

  • Bullying of any kind, including cyber-bullying, insulting, targeting, embarrassing or excluding any individuals, including but not limited to School Board officials, school administrators, faculty or staff, PTA members, students, parents, or other individuals
  • Offensive language, including but not limited to ethnic, religious and racial slurs, profanity, sexually explicit language, and acronyms/abbreviations of offensive expressions (e.g., WTF, etc.)
  • Soliciting or advertising any business
  • Furthering an issue or product for personal or professional gain
  • Endorsing any political candidates or platforms, and
  • Conversing about PTA Board business or discussions

Determination of prohibited use or objectionable content is at the discretion of the PTA Executive Board and the VP of Communications.

Photos and Videos

Photos or personal information about students or adults can be published with written permission only. Use of photographs or videos of children requires a Photography Release form.


It is the policy of the La Entrada PTA not to identify any child by name in any photo or on any Internet site unless permission has been granted from the parent/guardian.


Each PTA Board member and committee chair who desires one and uses email to do their PTA job, will be provided with a PTA email address. All email addresses will follow a standard naming convention, e.g. The email alias does not change from year to year but is passed on to the position successor. Email alias addresses are set up to automatically forward email to the personal email accounts of board members. Email aliases, forwarding addresses and passwords are updated at the beginning of each term.

Whenever email distribution lists are used, recipients receive blind-copies to avoid publicizing members’ personal email addresses. When corresponding with parents/staff about a program or event, committee chairs are to use an auto-signature or simply type their position after their name. A sample would be:

John Jones
La Entrada PTA
VP of Fundraising

Logo Use

The National PTA has established guidelines for the proper use of the PTA name, logo, and tagline (everychild.onevoice). When used properly, PTA’s logo and tagline create a consistent message, help unify all PTAs, and sets PTA apart from the competition.

The success of our PTA brand identity system depends on all PTAs’ adherence to the established guidelines. In order to maintain a consistent, visual style and brand identity for all PTA-produced materials, La Entrada PTA will follow the National PTA visual guidelines.

Annual Transition

Administrative access and responsibility for La Entrada PTA’s communication channels transition to the incoming approved Board positions. The outgoing and incoming PTA Presidents are responsible for coordinating and implementing a seamless transition without substantial delay or downtime.

Board Members and Chairs with a La Entrada PTA e-mail are responsible for forwarding password information on to their successor, or to the VP of Communications if a successor has not been identified before the school year ends.

If you have any questions about PTA Communications, please email our Communications Coordinator, Hanna Maula at

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