Calling all students who love challenging math!

La Entrada’s Math Team (the Mathemagicians) provides a forum and guidance for students who love math and want a challenged beyond the core syllabus. For fun the team competes in The MathCounts Foundation  national competition series. Our team made the state championships last year – an amazing achievement since the other schools spend as much as 10 hours per week training for the competition whereas our team only trains one hour per week and has no homework.

Try-outs will be by written test, open to students in all grades, offered at 2 different times:

  • Tuesday September 12, 6-7pm in the library
  • Wednesday September 13, 6-7pm in the library

You only need a pencil to participate.

Those who qualify will be invited to attend team practices lead by Josh Zucker, a leading math educator from Stanford. Practice is every Thursday at 3-4pm at La Entrada. The cost for the entire year is $275, and need-based scholarships provided by the La Entrada PTA are available.

Questions? Contact the math team organizer/coach Gerald Wluka or visit MATHCOUNTS.

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