Students of all grades set up thought provoking projects that brought the crowd into Jensen Hall on February 8th!  Over 120 experimenters put together 74 projects and went through interviews with volunteer judges representing industry, academia, and the community!

Here is a listing of awards presented. The 5th through 8th graders and Honorable Mention awardees will be representing La Entrada at the San Mateo County STEM Fair to be held on March 3rd and 4th at the San Mateo Event Center.  Congratulations and good luck at County!

4th Grade
1st Place    Annie V.: The Impact of Time of Day on Outdoor CO2 Levels
2nd Place   Vienna F and Hanna M.:  The Effects of Overpopulation on Goldfish
3rd Place   Caitlin S.:  Why Does Dog Pee Turn Grass Yellow?

5th Grade
1st Place    Casey P.:  Batter Up!
2nd Place   Luca Y.:  Efficiency for Hydrolysis
3rd Place    Sophie C.:  Do Homemade Cleaning Methods Work Better Than Commercial Laundry Detergent in Cleaning Stains?

6th Grade
1st Place     Will M.:  Ideal Launch Angle To Throw a Baseball the Farthest
2nd Place    Sam V.:  The Effect of Temperature and Voltage on Power Production of a Solar Panel
3rd Place     Nobert M.: Will Lower Temperatures Help Electricity Conduct?

7th/8th Grade
1st Place      Ron F.:  Rochelle Salt: The Material of Tomorrow
2nd Place     Sarah R. and Grace B.:  Investigating the Unconscious Mind Through the Ideomotor Effect
3rd Place      Kira J.:   Eggs, Mold, and Chocolate Coins



Honorable Mentions
Grace H. (6th)    Family Fingerprints
Sina K. (6th)   Light Bite:  Optical Measurement for Ripe Fruit
Timothy R. & Max M. (6th)   Are Sunscreen Products Advertised Correctly?
Finn T. & Ntsika M. (7th)  True Colors of Photosynthesis
Luke H. (7th)  Food For Thought

Hats off to ALL participants and our phenomenal Co-Chairs, Chris Jones and Bart Drewes.  Big thanks go out to Vice-Principal Adrienne Philippe, for serving as MC and to the judges, staff and parents who made this event such a success.