Do you have news to announce about an exciting upcoming event or program?  Are you ready to promote an opportunity for our students and families to become engaged in a school-related activity?  Submit an announcement to our weekly e-newsletter, The Leopard’s Spot!

Submissions should be emailed to You will receive an automated email reply to confirm receipt of your announcement.  The Leopard’s Spot editor retains the right to edit your announcement for readability and brevity.

Leopard’s Spot Submission Guidelines:

Submissions to The Spot must be brief in nature and to the point.  Highlight only the most important information that needs to be communicated.  For additional information and more detail, please direct readers to websites and include an appropriate link.  Graphics and logos will rarely be used, if ever, so please do not include them in your submissions.

Submissions to The Spot are due WEDNESDAY AT NOON before Sunday release dates.  We cannot guarantee inclusion in The Spot if the submission is received after the deadline. Submissions will only run for the week in which they are submitted. Please do not resend the same submission as we will not include it repeatedly.  If you have a major event that needs more than a week’s attention, we suggest you plan ahead and submit the following:

  • Three to four weeks out – A Save the Date announcement
  • Two to three weeks out – Action items for the readers – i.e. purchase tickets, etc.
  • One week out or the week of – “Last Call” – final announcement

No non-profit information or advertisements will be published in the Spot unless they are clearly related to La Entrada school.

Questions?  Comments?  Please email our Spot editor.

Last updated: 07/18/18